Grappling Central interview with Draculino

The guys over at Grappling Central did a cool interview with Draculino, so take a minute and give it a listen.  Draculino covers all sorts of cool topics: His beginning in the martial arts with

Spotlight on Lucas Valente

Lucas Valente is a young hard-working student of Draculino and Marcelo Uirapuru and I really want to get him some exposure here… He just came off of winning the 2015 Pan Am nogi at

Lucas Valente’s rolling omoplata from single leg

Lucas Valente is an up and coming student of Marcelo “Uirapuru” Azevedo and Draculino at his Belo Horizonte school.  He recently won the 2015 Pan Am nogi champ at the brown belt level and has been an

Knee on belly to ankle pick sweep/reversal

Having an opponent with a ‘knee on belly’ position on you can be brutal.  Not only can the weight be oppressive, but the strikes that they can land are also very dangerous. Here is

Mount Escape When Opponent is Sinking a Choke

So here is another classic and high percentage mount escape to follow up on the one last week. It’s very common for an opponent to start an x choke or cross collar choke when

Classic mount escape when being headlocked

Without a doubt one of the worst positions you can be in is having a person mounted on you.  They are free to drop down strikes, your legs are out of the picture and can’t

How to grab an armbar from guard when your opponent defends the triangle

Following up on the technique from last week, here is a great counter to their counter. A smart opponent will often feel the triangle setup from the shin-on-biceps guard and rush to escape from

Shooting for a triangle from guard when you have a collar grip

Guard is generally thought of as a neutral position with neither guy having an advantage.  But with my guard I like to keep my opponent guessing, throwing up attacks and fakes all the time.

On the mats with future giants – and Rickson Gracie

Back in the old days a bunch of us were fortunate enough to be invited to a seminar put on by Rickson Gracie.  Here is my account:   That day was unforgettable… we knew

Rolling with world champions

One of the great benefits of being a teacher for so long is that I’ve trained a lot of people over the years.  Some of my students invariably become champions, including  Pablo Silva, Romulo

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