Flashback time – 54 techniques in 12 minutes

In the past I’ve made BJJ videos to help others learn our awesome sport.  One fun promo video I did is the one below which showcases a broad range of techniques in rapid fire style.

If you’re new to the sport, while fun to watch, this won’t be the best way to learn.  To really learn a technique you need to know all the little details like hand placement and body positioning, and that is missed in this format cialis rezeptfrei eu.  But if you’re looking for ideas or inspiration it’ll be great!


The full technique list is below:

Classic Baiana takedown
Twisted Baiana takedown
Hook trap Baiana takedown
Elbow hit Baiana takedown
High crotch with elbow trap
High crotch with grip release
Ippon seioi nage with reversed grip
Modified ko uchi gari
Counter attack of the high crotch with sumi gaeshi
High crotch kimura counter
Basic stand up passing
Stand up guard passing with one arm trapped
Cross knee guard pass
Esgrima guard pass with kata gatame finish
Squeezing the lemon guard pass
Arm pull up guard pass
Reversed half guard pass
Toreando spider guard pass
Spinning guard pass with submission
Spinning guard pass with back control
Guard pass by pushing the knee
Leg bar from the guard pass
Crossed foot lock from the knee guard pass
Baseball choke using the same lapel
Magic grip from side control to the back choke
Side guillotine with lapel grip
Lapel choke with hands switch
Cowboy choke from knee on chest position
Modified cowboy choke from knee on chest position
Step over choke
Side control triangle with arm lock submission
Side control modified triangle with arm lock submission
Opposite lapel choke with elbow pressure
Reversed shoulder choke with neck pressure
Triangle choke from side control
Killer choke
Calf choke from the guard
Reversed choke with reversal
Rocket sweep
Modified kimura from the closed guard
Loop lapel choke from closed guard
Modified laped choke from closed guard
Choke with just one hand on the collar
Bizarre choke with reversal
Arm bar through ankle grab (stand) sweep
Sweep by pressuring hips on the knee
Foot lock from omoplata sweep
Cambalhota sweep from omoplata
Simple lagartixa sweep
Variation from the lagartixa sweep
High knee sweep from spider guard with guard pass
Modified S sweep from spider guard with guard pass
Reversed half guard sweep from spider guard
Going to the back with the outside hook
Kick up sweep from the spider guard

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