On the mats with future giants – and Rickson Gracie

Back in the old days a bunch of us were fortunate enough to be invited to a seminar put on by Rickson Gracie.  Here is my account:


draculino giant killer

That day was unforgettable… we knew by lots of testimonials how good master Rickson Gracie was and the way he would tap, one after the other, high level people. But that day we FELT in our skin how good Rickson is.

He simply got in touch with Joao Paulo, Big Head, a friend and training partner, and said that he would like to train with some of Gracie Barra’s finest. So we were there, waiting for him to arrive. He got there a little late and we were making fun of Big Head saying that he was lying about Rickson’s visit and all of a sudden… he shows up… everyone was quiet and then Renzo asked, “Sonkiri (the name he calls Rickson), how do you want this to go? Teach us a little? Train a little? It is up to you.” Then Rickson said, “yeah, I am thinking about training with all of you… roll a little bit.” Then he trained with ALL OF US NON STOP! Tapping one and then getting the other! And the last one was the best of us: RENZO!

It was an unbelievable time when we learned of the precision, the technique, the finesse of Rickson is beyond everyone’s. He is the man!

When you get an opportunity to train with a legend, you don’t pass it up.  And take a look at all the names in the picture.  Every one of them went on to become a champion and expert in their own right.


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